We solved how to store clean energy. Now we need you to tell us how to use it!

The 6-8 of February we are arranging a hackathon at Norrsken House in order to get ideas from creatives, entrepreneurs and engineers. Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert, we will help you with how our tech works. It’s up to you to come up with interesting solutions. 

The hackathon is divided into 3 different challenges presented further down and you are free to pick which one. Improve the range of a Tesla, create an off-grid fridge or make smarter living even smarter. Either you apply by yourself and are matched with others at the spot or you apply together with your team mates. SaltX Hack is held after business hours (from 6-12 p.m which means that you won’t miss out of school or job.) If you win the challenge of your choice, you’ll get your own office, coaching from professionals in the industry and 20 000 SEK. 

Make sure to apply before 30th of January.

Are you the one?

We are looking for entrepreneurial souls who are passionate about the climate. You can be a student, engineer, business professional or just a general wiz. The task is to choose one of the three challenges, using our full patent portfolio, creating the best business case possible. Three winning teams will get the needed support to go from idea to startup.

All you need to know

Where: Norrsken House 
When: 6-8 of February (between 6 pm-24 pm each evening)
How: Either you sign up as a group (of maximum 3 persons) or as an individual. 

After signing up
We will contact you if you get handpicked for the Hack. After that, you will be able to pick which challenge you want to compete in. 

Apply here

Challenge #1:
Winter is coming

First prize:
Office: Embassy house (2 months) 
Coach/support:  Vattenfall
Innovation Asset Analysis: Bergenstråhle & Partners
Support/coaching: Energiforsk
20 000 SEK: Swedbank

Challenge #2
The off-grid turn-on

Office: Things (2 months) 
Innovation Asset Analysis:
 Bergenstråhle & Partners
Support/coaching: Energiforsk
20 000 SEK: Swedbank

Challenge #3:
Pimp my (electric) ride

First prize:
Convert a TESLA for real

Office: Norrsken House (2 months) 
Workshop: SaltX
Innovation Asset Analysis: Bergenstråhle & Partners
Support/coaching: Energiforsk
Feasibility study: Uniti
20 000 SEK: Swedbank

About SaltX 

About SaltX Technology
SaltX Technology is a Swedish innovation company listed introduced to Firth North OMX in 2016, generating the largest value creation of any stocks listed in Sweden. We have developed and patented a groundbreaking technology that allows energy to be stored in regular salt. The energy can then be accessed, either as heating or cooling, without any energy loss over time. More info at saltxtechnology.com

About SaltX LABS
SaltX LABS is our open innovation platform from SaltX Technology. To realize SaltX vision, we are creating an open innovation platform through SaltX LABS where everyone can get the benefit of building and developing great solutions based on the SaltX core technology. This is a win-win situation and will accelerate achieving a greater positive impact on the environment and on the society. More info at saltxlabs.com

We believe entrepreneurship is the solution to one of the biggest challenges of our time – how to store energy in a sustainable way.


Stefan Henningson, WWF
Senior Adviser Climate, Energy & Innovation

Works to co-ordinate climate innovation work for WWF. Linking business models and policy changes needed for more climate innovation to take more innovative cleantech companies out on the global market as fast as possible by supporting them and reducing barriers. Work is communicated through the Climate Solver platform - www.climatesolver.org. Also work for WWF Sweden as Climate Policy Expert.  

Climate change, Energy, Innovation systems, Business innovation, Environmental Management in business, Government regulations on climate and energy, ecodesign, environmentally sound product development, general sustainability

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Tuva Palm, Nordnet
Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Tuva Palm is both Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Nordnet Bank. She was recruited with the mission to take Nordnet into the future, redefining finance and build the next generation bank.

In Sweden Tuva is well known for hosting STHLM TECH, the largest tech meetup in Europe, where she monthly discusses tech trends, give feedback on pitching start-ups on stage, and discuss the technical landscape with investors and experts. She is furthermore very active as both advisor as well as board member of tech startups such as for example mobile gaming company Leo Vegas, the innovative danish neo bank Lunar Way.

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Jeremias Andersson, Academic Work

Jeremias Anderson is Co-founder of Academic Work. A Swedish consultancy firm which recruits distributes young professionals and academics. Today they operate internationally with 15 000 employed consultants and yearly revenue of SEK 3 billion. 

Today Jeremias is an Angel Investor.

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Amira El-Bidawi, Vattenfall Innovation
Business developer, Customer and Solutions & Project manager

Amira is work as a Business Developer & Project manager at Business Area Customers and Solutions at Vattenfall. In her position, she plans, analyses and present strategic decisions, lead Vattenfall Innovation as a project, work with topics such as digitalisation, blockchain, startups, innovation for the company, coordinate collaborations between Vattenfall & KTH and develop new solutions for Vattenfall

“I am really happy to be a part of this jury and I am looking forward to see some magnificent ideas to combat issues we face for the climate today! I am the project manager of Vattenfall Innovation and a business developer. My goal is to develop solutions that can help us take care of our planet’s resources and help us become more sustainable”

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Göran Bolin, SaltX Technology
Founder & CTO

Göran Bolin has hundreds of patents, especially in the field of energy. He has been an innovator since early childhood. As a ten year old he invented a clock radio. At the age of twenty, he made a tone and chord finder used in SVT's guitar course. In the 1970s, he developed new printing presses, and bookbinder machines from paper roll to finished pocketbook.

Göran started the solar company Solsam Sunergy in 1990. Revenue from the investments was invested in a new type of solar collector that greatly reduced the cost of thermal solar energy. Over time, the company became the largest in Sweden. ClimateWell was founded in 2002 around the first patent for the SaltX material.


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Karin Byman, The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)
Expert & Senior Project Manager Energy

Prior to IVA, Karin has worked as a consultant for more than 20 years with strategic analysis within the entire field of energy and associated environmental issues. She has hence a broad experience of the challenges within the energy area from different perspectives.

At IVA Karin leads different qualified working groups that analyse the prerequisites in different specific energy areas to provide recommendations to politicians and other important stakeholders.

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Markus Hökfelt, Almi Invest GreenTech
Fund Manager

Markus is currently working as Fund Manager at Almi Invest Green Tech, investing in fast growing Swedish companies that have the potential to make global impact on reducing GHG emissions.

He has been VP of Charge & Drive, a start-up in eMobility and electric vehicle charging. As VP he succeeded in growing the business from a small project to an international leading Cloud based service in 11 countries, market leaders in Norway with a team of over 50 team members.

Building teams, New Business Development, bringing innovation to the market, new products and services, growth and new market entries, energy and utilities.

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