Join the Energy Revolution

SaltX's technology and patents have the power to reduce CO2-emissions by 30 percent from any power source. The SaltX Hack the 6-8 of February aims for exploring new areas of thinkable implementations for these patents. And at the same time give you the opportunity to form your own business based on this revolutionary technology. 

SaltX will select 75-100 people, divided into teams that will be invited to the Norrsken House in Stockholm. The assignment will be to present different solutions to the challenges presented further down. Make sure to apply for the SaltX Hack before 30th of January. 

Enabling sustainable energy today
SaltX has invented a patented technology to store energy with salt. When SaltX is implemented, it enables a significantly higher energy efficiency to end customers. The material and science can be applied in many different applications. Today, SaltX Technology collaborate with partners in the Solar, Heat-pump and Heavy-duty Vehicle and Energy Storage market to create sustainable and resource effective products. More information at

Are you the one?

We are looking for entrepreneurial souls who are passionate about the climate. You can be a student, engineer, business professional or just a general wiz. The task is to choose one of the three challenges, using our full patent portfolio, creating the best business case possible. Three winning teams will get the needed support to go from idea to startup.

Take the opportunity to meet your future co-founders, co-workers and friends for life!

Win SaltX patent portfolio
The SaltX patent portfolio contains of 40+ patents that are yours to use. Set up a business, make an impact and generate money. Our only demand is five percent kickback on your revenue.

Win a team
We strive to achieve as diversified groups as possible at the SaltX Hack. The more perspectives, the greater the possibility of finding a unique solution. Here you will meet your future business partners.

Win an office
One of the teams will win an office at Norrsken House. Work, get inspired and network with 300+ other social entrepreneurs, solving some of the biggest issues of our time.

Win a kickstart
Get all the advice and inspiration from some of the industry's most experienced people. All you need to kickstart your business.

Challenge #1

To be announced @Norrsken the 14th of December. Sign up for the launch of challenge #1 here.

Challenge #2

To be announced in January. 

Challenge #3

To be announced in January.

All you need to know

The hackathon will be held at Norrsken House between the 6-8 of February. Either you sign up as a group (of maximum 5 persons) or as an individual. 

After signing up

We will contact you if you get handpicked for the Hack. After that, you will be able to pick which challenge you want to compete in. 

The Hack will be held after business hours during the three days. 

About SaltX 

About SaltX Technology
SaltX Technology is a Swedish innovation company listed introduced to Firth North OMX in 2016, generating the largest value creation of any stocks listed in Sweden. We have developed and patented a groundbreaking technology that allows energy to be stored in regular salt. The energy can then be accessed, either as heating or cooling, without any energy loss over time. More info at

About SaltX LABS
SaltX LABS is our open innovation platform from SaltX Technology. To realize SaltX vision, we are creating an open innovation platform through SaltX LABS where everyone can get the benefit of building and developing great solutions based on the SaltX core technology. This is a win-win situation and will accelerate achieving a greater positive impact on the environment and on the society. More info at

We believe entrepreneurship is the solution to one of the biggest challenges of our time – how to store energy in a sustainable way.


Stefan Henningson, WWF
Senior Adviser Climate, Energy & Innovation

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Markus Hökfelt, Almi Invest GreenTech
Fund Manager

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Jeremias Andersson, Academic Work

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Göran Bolin, SaltX Technology
Founder & CTO

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